Seaduced Sea Glass

Ocean-Energized Jewelry

Experiencing a Loss of Frost?

Jenn Skiba


One of the most valuable elements of sea glass is its salt-frosted coating. But why over time do you see a loss of frost in your sea glass and can you ever get its frost back? Tranquilo because you can revive your frozen gem to the bright sugary coat it originally had. First it's important to understand why this happens.

When sea glass is worn as jewelry it becomes exposed to our body's natural oils. These oils and other daily substances that your jewelry comes in contact with can transfer on to your sea glass, and over time, eventually lacquer it without you being aware. This disguises the frost of the glass and even camouflages its vibrant color. Depending on your skin type and environment, this can happen at various rates. As sea glass aficionados this can be devastating to us! So here's a simple solution that'll revive your sand diamonds.


  • Cotton Balls
  • Q-Tips
  • Any Essential Oil (I prefer Lavender Oil or Grapefruit Oil)


  • Simply put a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on the cotton ball (for larger areas) or q-tip (for smaller surfaces).
  • Rub the cotton ball/q-tip on the exposed surface of your sea glass- making sure to avoid contact with metals and other stones. 
  • Set the sea glass down on a clean, dry surface (such as a paper towel) and let it dry for a minute or two.
  • Rub off any excess oil with a clean cotton ball/q-tip.

Good luck!