Seaduced Sea Glass

Ocean-Energized Jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you find all the sea glass yourself?

I most certainly do! I grew up collecting it in Fairfield, Connecticut and have bins of storage containing my collections from when I was little. Occassionally a friend may find a piece or two while on vacation and give it to me, but aside from this, I have personally collected all of my sea glass. You can read more about this on my Ethos page.

Where do you find it? 

Beachcombers can never fully reveal their secret sources! The majority of my sea glass was found along the Fairfield Beaches years ago. I'll continue to collect pieces in my travels here and there. Some of my sea glass has been found in the following locations; New Hampshire, New Jersey, Southern Massachusetts, Northern California, Western Florida, Bermuda, Northern Italy, Southwestern Italy, Southern Italy, the Canary Islands, and other various areas of Connecticut. 

Do you reshape the sea glass or find it like this?

I find it and leave it in the very same condition that I found it in. This is what makes sea glass so unique- that a variety of forces have contributed to shaping, coloring, frosting, and sizing it. To reshape or tumble the sea glass would be stripping away all that nature has so beautifully created.  This is why I restrict my sea glass jewelry to being drilled or metalsmith, but always preserving its original condition. Additional information about this is also on my Ethos page.

I always look for sea glass and never find any! How do you find it?

It's hard for me to find today too! Luckily we live in a more eco-friendly environment than some previous decades so there's greater a awareness of waste disposal and recycling. It wasn't too long ago that bodies of water were main sites of garbage dumps and where sea glass essentially originated. Another factor to consider is how plastic has evolved and exploded as the main container of storage. Today typical beach-goers tend to bring plastic to the beach- eliminating the liter of glass that ends up in the water. With this in mind, sea glass is definitely heading towards extinction! However, there's certain things to keep in mind when searching for your glitter-litter; tide changes, moon phases, weather patterns, party places, shipping routes, etc. Some of the most exciting discoveries that I've made have come from adventuring to new places, talking to local people, and understanding the environment of a given area. Remember, sea glass can show up in unexpected areas of the same place where you currently look. Try to think creatively about where else it could have been washed to that's out of ordinary sight. Treasure hunts are the best!

I have my own collection of sea glass. Would you be able to make a piece of mine into jewelry for me?

Of course! Sea glass pieces (especially the rare finds) create such a deep personal connection to those who find them. We become attached to them for whatever reason and there is an emotional value that can't be transferred to just any piece of sea glass. If you have a piece (or pieces) that you're interested in converting to jewelry, I'd be more than happy to work with you. Simply send me a message through the Hotline and we can go from there!