Seaduced Sea Glass

Ocean-Energized Jewelry



Seaduced Sea Glass is more than transforming beach-found treasures into wearable jewelry: SSG has revolutionized it. Guided by a passion to connect humanity with the magnetic vibrations of the ocean, I fuse elements of wanderlust with exposed sea-sliced glass to create jewelry that excites the soul. Each Seaduced Sea Glass piece is organically shaped by natural nautical properties, man-mined from sanctuaries in the sand, and infused with powerful ocean energy. 

Seaduced Sea Glass finds deep value in preserving the purity of genuine sea-salted glass. With many faux representations of sea glass today, tumbling and manipulating sea glass is strictly against the morality of SSG. Each piece of Seaduced Sea Glass is personally hand-picked from the beach to ensure its authenticity and is un-altered from the state it was found when excavating the sand. The precise shape, color, and coating of each piece is unique to its individual journey and the ocean's refinement process. Maintaining these original components is fundamental to experiencing the energy of the ocean; transforming chaos and brokenness into order and beauty.